Commit… or is it Recommit


Every year I say “this is the year.”  This year, it is time to really commit to that statement.  I commit to exercising more and eating healthier.  It is easy to type those words, but following the path may be difficult.  Join me on the journey.  I’ll also commit to weekly posts on my progress.

Week one (or actually two) I have been logging my food using the Lose It App.   I have already signed up for a 5K.   We have some great fruit in the refrigerator.  And, I am hitting the trail for a couple of miles shortly (see photo above).   It’s a great start.

What are your challenges?  What stops you from being successful?  I look forward to trading tips and tricks with you.



Is a 5K Race Fun?

You may be timid about signing up for a 5K race.  Maybe you think they are full of fit, young runners?  Maybe you worry about your ability to finish.  Maybe you just worry about trying something you haven’t done before.

Hopefully, I can allay some of those fears.  I’ve been doing 5K races off and on for more than 20 years.  From the very first one I was hooked.  What’s not to like?  There’s the pre-race excitement.  You are surrounded by people of all ages, shapes and colors.  And, these people have a commitment to fitness.  Now, that commitment varies from hard-core, flat-out runners, to people out for a stroll.

Try to get at least one friend to join you.  That way you get quality time with your friend and exercise too.

If you participate in an organized 5K race there is a fee.  For that fee you usually get a T-shirt, race number, and race packet with coupons from the sponsors of the race.  Many times sponsors have tents at the race and pass out other freebies.

The starting line is organized so that the faster runners are at the front.  So when you start you can either move to the back to ensure you don’t interrupt anyone’s pace, or somewhere near the middle if you think you might be faster than some.  There is usually a station offering water at the mid-point of the race.

Some races will have formal timing devices so that you can see how fast you are going.  Some will provide you with a chip to put on your shoe or have one affixed to the race number so that you can find out your exact time.

At the end of the race there is always water, and in my experience fresh fruit as well – usually oranges and bananas.

If the race is a little more formal than a fun-run, there will likely be age group winners.  I was lucky enough to win my age group at one race – it was quite a surprise to me.

All of this is enough to get me to come out again and again to participate in 5K events.  In fact, I did one just yesterday – The Wounded Warrior Lone Sailor 5K.   I forgot to mention another point in favor of doing these races.  All of them support some charity.  You get your exercise and help others as well.


For this particular race, the race start time was at 8:00 a.m. and it was 55 degrees.  We walked around beautiful Lake Baldwin and eventually warmed up.  You can see a picture of my and my walking buddies Joy and Linda below.  The “runners” in this event varied from fit military men and women to a fire fighter in full gear (including oxygen on his back) to a women in flip-flops.  (I don’t know if she finished).  There were dogs and children and a general air of fun and fellowship.  We had groups of volunteers cheering us on as we completed each mile.


What’s not to like about a day where you are out enjoying nature, with friends and like-minded people-while helping out a worthwhile charity.  I’ll definitely do this one again next year.  I do hope it’s a little warmer next year!

Try a 5K and let me know if you share my excitement.



Fitness During A Hectic Week

I didn’t quite have the week I hoped for.  I let almost everything slack this week.  The high point – and it was a high point – was a 4.57 mile walk on Thursday with my buddies.  We are “training” for a half-marathon and we have a ways to go.  We do a 5K each week and are trying to increase our mileage a little bit at a time.

I had trouble keeping my routine this week.  No Yoga on Monday – instead we celebrated my husband’s birthday.  Well, that is important too!

Tuesday, of my six buddies who do strength training together, all had something else going.  I could have done the routine myself, but instead went back to work.

I was practicing yoga each morning and somehow I lost my mojo this week.

What do I think made the difference?  I’m guessing rest.  So, today has been all about chilling out a little.  I want to get back on track next week.    I won’t be beating myself up about this.  Some weeks are better than others.

Just to cheer me up.  Here’s another photo from the 5K run (walk) a couple of weeks ago.  Perhaps that shouldn’t cheer me up – I wasn’t running at the time.

Rescue Run_4

As Scarlett O’Hara famously said, “Tomorrow is another day.”  I’ll get my focus back and get back on track.  If not tomorrow, the next day.   And, I have to get ready for another 5K next weekend.

Have you experienced a week like this?  What helped you get back on track?

Running With Friends Makes it Easier

017 Thursday night I participated in Rescue Run Corporate 5K in Lake Mary, Florida. (That’s me in the middle.)  At the start of the race it was about 67 degrees – just perfect for exercising.   We even had pre-race smoothies from McDonald’s.  After a little warm up we got started.  I didn’t get an actual count, but my guess is there were over 1,000 people participating. Continue reading Running With Friends Makes it Easier

Get Fit with Reno

Today’s exercise was doing some finishing work in one of the bedrooms we are renovating.  Last weekend we took the wallpaper off the walls and this weekend we cleaned the glue off the wall.  It wasn’t a lot of fun, but it did provide a good workout for my arms.  Instead of weight lifting for strength, I washed down walls. Continue reading Get Fit with Reno